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  1. York bobby's 25-year career ends where it started

    BBC Radio York

    One of North Yorkshire Police's best known officers is hanging up his handcuffs after 25 years.

    Inspector Martin Metcalf

    Insp Martin Metcalfe is highly regarded by business owners, the public, colleagues and even some criminals, the North Yorkshire force said.

    He joined up as Special Constable and served for five years before becoming a regular officer in 1996.

    As he finished his last shift, Insp Metcalfe told BBC Radio York: "At 2 o'clock in the morning I got my final arrest. I was in the city centre, the place I love and adore and I went down a street I first patrolled. I'm not making this up, Spurriergate, and I came across a man tagging on the wall committing criminal damage, red handed, you could not make it up."

    The retiring officer went on to say he loves policing so much that he is seriously thinking of re-joining as a police officer in the future and starting all over again just for a few years.

  2. A1 in Lincolnshire reopens after lorry crash

    A section of the A1 in Lincolnshire has reopened after a lorry smashed into the central reservation of the southbound carriageway leading to long delays.

    Damaged central reservation

    The vehicle hit the central reservation near Stamford at 06:50 GMT.

    The road southbound remained fully closed for several hours as recovery work was carried out.

    Drivers have been warned the outside lane in both directions is expected to remain closed for the rest of the day for barrier repairs.

    Damaged central reservation

    About 65ft (20m) of the central reservation was damaged in the incident, National Highways said.

    Leicestershire Police said the lorry driver suffered a head injury which was "not thought to be life-threatening".

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    Video caption: Girl's running blade prosthetic is 'amazing'

    Amelia's new running blade changes everything for her, she says.