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    Video caption: Climate Change: £1.7bn renewable energy project for Swansea Bay

    The Blue Eden project would include a tidal lagoon and create 2,500 permanent jobs.

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    Video caption: Climate change: How are we doing with cutting emissions?

    Big changes are needed to hit net zero targets by 2050, on top the steps already taken.

  3. By Jane-Frances Kelly

    Business reporter, BBC News

    A series of coloured light bulbs

    A privately funded project has announced it will build a £1.1bn cross-Channel power cable that will double the amount of energy the UK presently receives from France.

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    Video caption: PMQs: Blackford and Johnson on funding renewable energy

    The SNP's Westminster leader speaks of “yet another Tory broken promise” over an apparent lack of support for a renewable energy project in Scotland.

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    Video caption: Ros Atkins on… Europe's climate challenge

    Ros Atkins looks at how Europe is getting to grips with its emissions problem.