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    Video caption: Australia: Morrison outlines climate change plan

    PM Scott Morrison outlines the country's plan to lower emissions, without affecting Australian jobs.

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    Video caption: Can Lego save Singapore's coral reefs?

    Scientists in Singapore are using the popular building block in an effort to rejuvenate its reefs.

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    Video caption: Sir David Attenborough urges nations to take climate action

    The BBC goes behind the scenes with Sir David Attenborough on the set of his new series, The Green Planet.

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    Video caption: COP26 volunteer Karen is happy to play her part

    Karen Donaldson says she wants to play her part by being a volunteer at the UN climate conference in Glasgow.

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    Video caption: COP26 volunteer Cynthia says she is humbled and honoured

    Cynthia Tjipuka is one of the hundreds of UN climate conference volunteers who will direct delegates and visitors around Glasgow during COP26.