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    Video caption: Frances Haugen tells MPs: 'Facebook makes hate worse'

    The former Facebook employee gives evidence to MPs amid fresh revelations about the company.

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    Video caption: Speaker Hoyle’s anger over Budget briefing to the media

    Lindsay Hoyle says it is “not acceptable" for ministers to give briefings to the media, instead of making announcements in the House of Commons.

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    Video caption: Boris Johnson on COP26 climate change Glasgow conference

    The PM says he is “very worried” about the upcoming COP 26 climate conference, telling a group of children: "It’s going to be very, very tough”.

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    Video caption: Sturgeon says Scotland should reflect on its industrial past

    Scotland's Frist Minister Nicola Sturgeon says the country's industrial past is a source of pride, but it should also be a cause of reflection given the climate crisis.